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Decapitated head/Slashed throat makeup tutorial

Since people asked me about how I did the wound in my dead!Dirk cosplay, I promised I’d do a makeup tutorial.

This is lengthy and image heavy, and I just wanna point out that I am no professional when it comes to working with stuff like this, but oh well, this is how I do it!
And this is my first time writing a tutorial…. Wish me the best of luck y’all. 

Lets start by looking at what I use to create this bloody monster.

  1. Bottle of Blood. 
  2. Fun Faxe’s Blood effect. (Note: One should always use 2-3 different kinds of blood, or more even. #1 is runny and dries up quickly while #2 is more gel-like and good for making the wound look fresh.)
  3. Kryolan special plastic
  4. Paper
  5. Oil
  6. Water
  7. Eyeshadow or bodypaint/lipstick/whatever one needs to add color and bruising.
  8. Mirror of some sort
  9. Powder and foundation to blend the wax into the skin
  10. Brushes, sponges and optional would be a razor since its good for removing hair and shit on arms/other body parts. It could hurt a bit ripping it off with the wax when taking everything off.
  11. Knife
  12. Plastic syringe. This is optional, but very practical when applying the blood.
  13. Various spatulas/q-tips/toothpics. Just stuff one might need.

Start with putting on the proper clothes you’ll need, since itll be messy to do that afterwards, and make sure you won’t really care if they get messed up or something, because the Bottle of blood will most likely stain. I didn’t care about my Dirk shirt, I’ll just make myself a new one if I wanna go normal.

Use knife/spatula or whatever to get some special plastic(wax) out and knead it so itll get smooth and easy to work with. It’s gonna be really sticky SO, use the water here to keep your hands wet. That way it won’t stick as much to your skin.

Roll it into a ball and then flatten it out before applying it to your skin. Just press it right on there. I don’t do it all the way around my neck, even though Dirk is decapitated and all, but since most shots are from the front and its really hard to see your own neck….
If you have a friend to help you, then go ahead! I just go as far as I can reach and see though. 

Dip your fingers in some oil and start blending the edges into your skin. One can do futher blending with foundation/powder/concealer if needed. If you do, dab it on with a sponge or use your fingers!
BUT, since we are going to cut and remove some of the wax here, dont use foundation until you’ve made the cut and removed the excess material. That way its easier to reuse and there wont be makeup in it and shit.

continue using small pieces of wax to cover your desired area. Its better to use small bits than just one big and it doesnt really matter if the middle is chopped and stuff, since some of it is gonna be torn off again, but make sure the edges are somewhat blended into your skin.

Use your knife and start with a cut in the middle and just tear off some pieces, leaving the edges and stuff, which will look like the edges of the wound and stuff.

If you’re just doing a wound that looks like a cut or the like, don’t rip the skin off like this, just use cut through with the knife and press the edges up a bit.
I wanted this to look rather nasty, big and… yeah. Dirk got his head cut off after all.

Time for shadowing!
Use a dark red/black eyeshadow or paint and fill the inside of your wound. Dab it in there using a small brush or fingers.

As for the brusing around the wound, go nuts with blue/black/red/purple and even some yellow. Just think about natural bruising and irritated skin. This will also make the wax blend in more with your skin and final look and all.

Start with a more gel-like type of blood and just get it all over your wound to geta  shiny.. red.. messy fresh wound kinda look.

AND THEN I use the Bottle of blood!
I apply this blood, since it is super runny and gets everywhere otherwise, using a plastic syringe. Just apply it all over and let it naturally run down your neck and on your shirt.

Bring this with you if you are doing this for a con, because it will dry up. getting a refill once in a while keeps it fresh heeh.
Use fingers too to mess it around a lil, and if you want to, add the blood to your nose/lip or something.

Annnndd then wash your hands, put on your wig and if you need contacts, put these in as well.
Well, you couldve started with the contacts too, but since I can’t see shit in these, I save that for last. The contacts are also a reason to why I don’t wear shades as dead Dirk, since one cant really see the eyes otherwise and they.. yeah. They add a lot to this.

I did most likely forget something here, but I think this is basically what I do.
Hopefully some people will find this useful or at least helpful.
fghdfk sorry if its a bit messy or hard to understand!

For the pic up top, I used more fake blood and a bit more wax so it flaked off even more, but for this tutorial I decided to keep it at a minimum.

Feel free to send me an ask if you guys have any questions! uvu 

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