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22 yr old Swede who just can't decide what to do with her life. So instead, she just sits at home, play games and sew stuff.

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Närcon 2014, Doll from Kuroshitsuji 
The first time I decided to participate in the cosplay contest and I end up winning my category. I had so much fun and I’ll def. be back for more!

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Anonymous: Hi! Just wondering, which was your first cosplay and how old were you when you started? Also, congrats on winning with Doll!

Oh man… My very first “cosplay” would probably be Kiba from Naruto, even though it wasn’t really a proper thing… It was just me and a friend fooling around at my place and pulling stuff out of the wardrobe, haha!
Never went to a con wearing it though. Taken back in 2007… so that means I was 15 at the time haha!


My first cosplay where I made everything from scratch and actually used a wig (yet little to no makeup) was Shimizu Raikou (Nabari no ou) back in 2009. Its only recently that I feel that I want to start challenge myself even more though and make bigger and better cosplays! 

Thank you! (;▽;)ノ


Tanaka-senpai is teaching his fellow kohais the important techniques of intimidating he mastered during his lifetime. Kageyama does a nice job except he’s actually concerned if he wants to buy milk or juice.

Tsukishima is surrounded by idiots.

gotta finish more haikyuu!! selfies from twitter

Also, thank you for all the congrats and support!! ;;

Finally home, tired after a 6hr drive but super excited.
This weekend was great, thank you all! New experiences, new friends and I managed to win first place in the intermediate cosplay competition!! 

Super pumped to start planning new cosplays now. I def. wanna compete again at some point and challenge myself even more ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Anonymous: You are a very pretty Nagisa!

Thank you! Nagisa was super fun to cosplay too.
I def. need to do more of my presh Free! boys hahah uvu

Anonymous: Congratulations on your victory! You were fantastic on stage!

Thank you!! It still hasn’t fully hit me I think, this is such a big thing for me considering it was my first contest and with all the amazing people going up on stage oh wow!

Crazy, but I’m super excited.

Anonymous: Hey! Really nice cosplays. Do you happen to have twitter? Sorry for the bother! Thanks! ^^

yeah I do! I just ramble a lot and post a bunch of rubbish…. I started using it more just recently so I’m still new despite having an acc for two years oops

You can find me here!