heja sverige

22 yr old Swede who just can't decide what to do with her life. So instead, she just sits at home, play games and sew stuff.

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Run To You- Pentatonix

But your heart drifted off
Like the land split by sea
I tried to go, to follow
To kneel down at your feet

I’ll run, I’ll run, I’ll run, run to you
I’ll run, I’ll run, I’ll run, run to you

the fantastic story about four nerds in wonderland 👑

Back at malmöfestivalen w @kattebaka and @dinocoralic 👑


All I got out of today’s episode, tbh

(ノ゜∇゜)ノ (¬_¬)

meimrr replied to your post “how’s the loom band adventures going? done anything more?”

I WANT TO TRY TOO, i just don’t want to wear them after hahaha

hahahaha theyre just a lot of fun to make but i dont think i’ll wear them either
just gonna learn how to make small animals and then give away the bracelets to people who want them 

exorealistic replied to your post: anonymous said:how’s the loom ban…

What kind of microphone is that?

Its actually just one of the speakers to my comp!

Anonymous: how's the loom band adventures going? done anything more?

Just a couple of bracelets while trying to get a hang of it!

I made a hamster too but… it doesnt photograph very well it looks like a lil pig omg…. 

still way more fun that i thought itd be
and super relaxing 

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holy shit

I read somewhere that sirens/mermaids sang songs that they heard from sailors on passing ships. I imagine this is what a modern siren would sound like singing this song.